Adaptogen Formula

When I went back to school recently I was excited but concerned about how I would handle all the extra stress.  In the past I had tried many different formulas for stress, but they always made me feel tired or groggy so I stopped taking them.  Finally, I tried WSH’s Adaptogen Formula and it worked wonders for me.  It helps me respond better to stress without having to lose my clarity.  I can get through a busy day focused and calm.


Asheville, NC


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Helps me respond to stress

Nerve/Mood Formula

I developed psoriasis a year ago.  Having tried several medications with no results, my doctor recommended a shot that had severe side effects.  I started using the Mood/Nerve Oil and had great results right away. I swear by this product. It’s wonderful.

– Linda Land

Somerset, KY


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I swear by this product

Headache Formula

“As a newcomer to alternative medicine, I was both excited and honestly a little skeptical about trying Kaitlyne’s headache formula.  I had a terrible headache though, so pain took over and I followed the directions on the bottle…within 20-30 minutes, I was headache free…it worked so well, I almost forgot I had a headache in the first place.  There was no unpleasant taste and I just mixed it into my tea.  I would highly recommend this for medicinal wimps, advil addicts, alternative newbies and even the herbal veterans!”

– Molly de Mattos

Asheville, NC


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Headache free!

Lung Formula
  My daughter in law goes to herbal school in North Carolina and in October she sent me a bottle of Lung Formula that was made by Kaitlyne O’Brannon, an herbalist at her school.  I tasted it and put it away for a while I was feeling well.
  My husband Gino Baccarini who is 79, has emphysema and suffers from a cough, and shortness of breath, he is on an inhaler.  Gino started to feel a cold and cough coming on and rather than go to the doctor he took the Lung Formula in the morning, that evening he was feeling a little better his cough had subsided. The next morning he continued and by that evening he said he felt really good, he said it was the best medicine he ever used…wanted to stop his medication and just take Lung Formula!
  I started to feel sick, I had nausea, a clogged head and lost my voice. I really didn’t want to go to the doctor, I knew he would just give me medicine that I had to take for a week or ten days, probably 2-3 times a day..  I decided to try the Lung Formula..after a few hours I noticed a lot of phelgm breaking up, my chest didn’t feel as heavy when I went to sleep.  The next day I continued and my head started to feel less clogged and the medicine was very soothing and easy to take.  By day three my voice was back, my head unclogged and an enormous amount of phelgm had left my body.  “It’s just amazing”, I highly recommend this product.  “The herbalist has created a powerful formula, thank you for healing us quickly without doctor visits”.

Dorothy Baccarini, Age 76
Bronx, N.Y.


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Healed us quickly

The Nerve massage oil helped my neuropathy after nerve damage post a compromised labor. Invaluable medicine!


Portland, OR


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A big fan of yours

I’ve used NeoSalve for my kids for years. Every cut, scrape, burn and boo-boo. They’ve used it for so long now they ask for it by name!


Asheville, NC

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My Kids Ask For It By Name