Who is World Spirit Health?

Our herbalist, Kaitlyne O’Brannon, is the creator and formulator. A traveler, clinical herbalist, educator and adventurer, she is a healer through and through.

She has a team of merry herbalists who assist her in making her formulations, being total nerds about herbs and dancing to world music ’round the clock.



Kaitlyne, The Explorer & Director of First Impressions


christa's pic.jpg

Christa, Wizard of Light Bulb Moments & Digital Overlord, 22 years of herbal folklore and traditional herbal medicine training



Ryan Hill, Executive Sherpa & Navigator of Logistics

World Spirit Health Philosophy

 The Healing Power of Nature.  We accept that our bodies are equipped with innate healing processes.  Our goal is to support these natural processes so that clients can safely achieve ongoing health and vitality.

Treat the Whole Person.  With the understanding that individuals may suffer from illness & dis-ease on many levels, including physical, mental, & emotional, we believe in honoring the complexity of the human body.

Honor Diversity.  We trust that the genetic and biological diversity among human beings plays a role in how their bodies respond to therapy.  In our herbal formulas we choose herbs from diverse geographic locations in hopes that each individual body will recognize and respond to one or more herbs on an ancient biological level.

Prevent Dis-ease.  We recognize that illness and dis-ease are a signal from the body that it needs help and attention to return to its desired state of health.  We believe in empowering each individual to be partners and assist their body in its return to wellness.

Photo Credit: Ornella Binni