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Bonjour! Buenas Dias! Ni Hao!

Welcome to World Spirit Health. Our name is our mission. We create herbal medicine, of the earth, for the earth.  Steeped in herbal tradition, our products are hand formulated to approach health for the whole body, spirit and the world.

We love herbs.

We love them a lot. You should see us geeking out over the color of the schizandra berries swirling around the jar of the adaptogen formula. It’s magical. Herbs are modern day magic. They’ve been used, demonized, celebrated and cultivated along side humankind. Herbs are our allies and we love to partner with them in coming back into health. You can taste the herbs in our formulas, you can smell them too. You can also ask us any questions about why some are in the products! See our contact page to ask us pretty much anything!


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